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 Read this if you think about joining

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Read this if you think about joining Empty
PostSubject: Read this if you think about joining   Read this if you think about joining Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 7:17 pm

This is where you ask to join ol diRTy BaSTaRds

Please wright down why you whant to join >odB< you gaiming experience a littelbit about your self & email. We like all wepons kind of players but if you are good whit the rifle its a big bonus. Coz we are going to have focus on rifel only ladders.You shuld know that we are in it for the fun so we wannt you to be a funny dude your skill is ofcorse important but the fun faktor is bigger!

1. Be nice to other players, even on other servers.
2. You have to have TeamSpeak & DMW client.
3. You should join in praktise, if you wanne join in war!
4. LoL is ok to use.
5. Have fun!

Cost 20 euro for one year of membership. This goes to server cost, homepage and other fun for you:P Ofcoarse you have one month free trial membership, then you deside if you wanna stay.

Anyway please make your post and we will give you our anser as fast as we can rabbit

Dont qvote or post reply here,. Start a new post under Join odb if you wanne join.

LuGn@a is short for lugnapungen(calmballsack) Whitsh is a common expresion in Sweden for take it easy:) easy dos it & relax man....
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Read this if you think about joining
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